Blurb and Cover Reveal


Kaira has a choice: submit to her sworn enemy or lose everything she’s ever loved. Caius Cassius Falco is a prince, representing a darkly depraved empire with designs on the entire galaxy. He’s at this conference because, through a cruel twist of fate, he’s also the only man capable of saving her planet—and he wants her. Aristocratic, aloof, and intimidating, he’s far from the man of her dreams. But desperation quickly turns into something else as she learns more about this creature of darkness.

Overwhelmed by his needs and helpless over her own, she finds herself pulled into a world of intrigue, a world that might shatter her heart. Or worse. Naïve and uncertain, she has no choice but to trust someone she knows she can’t. Driven by his own personal demons, Caius is also haunted by secrets. Secrets that, when they come out, threaten to destroy everything.

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