The Wattpad Cometh

Yes, here.

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, why Wattpad? Well, for starters, it’s free. For both of us. I, personally, feel like this is a great inducement. To me, at least. Nobody is really currently reading my book, which is unfortunate as it’s excellent. I’m about halfway through, and plodding along slowly as I simultaneously attempt to raise my child, and make some art. I really do feel like a little more feedback would be motivating; I’m getting the distinct sense, perhaps unfairly, that no one cares. Which, if true, is my fault! People will pretend, if they’re nice. But this isn’t Mary Kay and I’m not aiming to take advantage of anyone’s friendship. Because, after all, even if every single one of my friends loved the book…I don’t have that many friends! No one does!

The ticket, with any story, is getting total strangers invested. I don’t want people reading this, because they love me (or feel obligated). I want them reading this, because even though they’ve never heard of me they’re hooked. They’re dreaming about this world at night.

Is it the cover? The blurb? The (possibly) heinous first chapter?

At this point, I might never know!