FAQ and Shop Policies

General FAQ

Do you have a storefront?

My Etsy shop is coming soon.

You can also contact me directly, of course, to purchase.

Your stuff’s expensive; are your prices negotiable?


Do you take commissions?

Generally, yes. However, due to overwhelming demand I’m currently booking 18–24 months out and I understand that this timeline doesn’t work for a lot of people. I’d love to hear more about your idea(s), though.

Contact me (rfseligmann@gmail.com), and let’s talk!

How long does each dollhouse take to complete?

Depending on the size, complexity, etc, of the piece, usually somewhere between 3–18 months.

Shipping Policies

Vignettes and Roomboxes

Vignettes and roomboxes ship via first class mail (USPS), insured.

Shipping costs are calculated on a per customer basis, and reflect both the location of the recipient and whatever steps are necessary to ensure the package’s safe arrival. Shipping costs are NOT reflected in the “for sale” price of any piece, so please do keep that in mind. While I strive to keep shipping costs low, my primary goal is the preservation of my art–and your positive experience. These pieces might not be “toys” in the traditional sense, but they’re meant to bring decades–I hope, in some cases, generations–of enjoyment.

Whether you purchase one of my pieces from Etsy, or directly from me, you’ll receive a quote for the additional cost. In either case, I only ship upon receipt of full payment.


For all dollhouses, I offer free delivery within 500 miles (New England and the greater Hudson Valley regions). Those outside this radius, i.e. overseas customers, make their own arrangements. I’m happy to work with a wide variety of contractors, personal agents, etc. However, I bear neither the cost nor the responsibility. Transporting fine art is, to put this mildly, a challenge–but one worthy of all art collectors. I truly believe that, when it comes to logistics, you know your own situation best. Such as, for example, your budget–and your tolerance for risk.

Payment Policies

Payment is due IN FULL at time of purchase.

Nothing will be shipped, or delivered, otherwise and there are absolutely NO exceptions to this rule.

There are also NO refunds, or exchanges, for items damaged either during the trip to their new home or after arrival. The sole remedy, in the first case, is the amount for which the item is insured. And as to the second…yes, this is really a question I’ve gotten. What you do, with your own things, is up to you! I can only be responsible for life at my house–and even then, that’s a stretch!


So you’ve got an idea.

Now what?

The first step is for us to agree on what we’re building, over how long of a timeline, and for how much. Once that step’s completed, the second–and most painful–step is that you pay me.  I require 50% of the purchase price to begin work, with the remainder due after completion. Materials are expensive, and I don’t work for free. I wouldn’t expect you to, either.

Waiting for any project to take shape is stressful. Over the weeks, months, or even years we work together I’ll send you as many–or as few–updates as you want. Pictures are, I believe, a vital aid to communication and I take tons of them. My goal is bringing your dream to life.

That being said, everyone isn’t always happy.

What happens then?

I’m an artist, at the end of the day, not a machine. I have my own viewpoint, just like anyone else–and my own limitations. I can promise to do my best, and always do do my best, but I can’t guarantee your happiness. In the case that you’re dissatisfied, I keep the down payment and we both walk away. Why? Because, regardless, these projects represent enormous chunks of my life and I have to eat. The time I spend on you is time I could be spending on myself, or someone else.

I also reserve the right to resell the piece to someone else, for whatever price and under whatever circumstances I deem fit. I hate having to say this, but pretending you don’t like something isn’t a good way to get a discount!